Where can I purchase Dragon Wing Begonias?

Dragon Wing Begonias are available at leading garden centers worldwide.
Dragon Wing is also available through various mail-order seed or plant companies.

Territorial Seed Company
P.O. Box 158
Cottage Grove, OR  97424
Phone: 800 626-0866
Fax: 888 657-3131

W. Atlee Burpee
300 Park Ave.
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 800 888-1447
Fax: 800 487-5530


Where should I plant my Dragon Wing Begonias so they grow the best?

Choose a well-drained location. Dragon Wing grows best in partial sun conditions. In the North, Dragon Wing can be grown in full morning sun with afternoon shade. In the Deep South, gardeners may want to choose a more shady exposure.


What is the best use for Dragon Wing Begonias?

One-of-a-kind Dragon Wing Begonias are a whole lot more than your typical begonia bedding plant. Be sure to try them in baskets, window boxes or balcony boxes and patio planters. Of course, garden beds are a terrific choice, too – Dragon Wing makes an amazing landscape plant!


What happens to Dragon Wing Begonias in full sun?

Full sun will turn the edges of the dark, glossy leaves to red and make them curl, but it will not be harmful to the plants.


How big do Dragon Wing Begonias grow?

These plants build bigger, better begonia baskets and grow great gardens. They also fill in fast! This vigorous plant will reach a maximum height of 14 to 16 in. (35 to 41 cm) and spread to about 15 to 18 in. (38 to 46 cm) in the garden.


Do Dragon Wing Begonias need any extra care?

These plants are durable and will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. This easy-care begonia is self-cleaning, meaning the old blooms make way for new ones. It continues to bloom all Summer without having to pinch off old flowers. In full sun locations, be sure to keep the soil moist. Give Dragon Wing Begonias food and watch ‘em GROW! Feed them regularly every 2 weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer. They’ll even tell you when they need more food – when the leaves turn a reddish-bronze color, it’s time to fertilize.